Anime Studio Pro 11 (Pro Moho) is a professional program for creating 2d animation and cartoons in the techniques of bone vector/raster reset and animations drawn frame-by-frame. Until the 11th version, inclusively, it was called Anime Studio Pro 11. But from the 12th version the developers renamed the program and called it Moho Pro 12. You can also see abbreviation names: ASP, АСП, Moho, Мохо, or just Anime Studio..

Which version of the program to choose, Anime studio 10, 11 or Moho Pro 12? Which version is better?

Now I am listing the key versions of the program: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 11.2, 12, 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, and 12.4. But this is not the whole thing at all That much? Don't be scared, as there are no differences between the versions 10, 11, 12, but the principle of work in the program, the creation and animation of characters didn't have any changes since the 6th version! All this is just a commercial move, to sell the program as a new product and make money on the beginners, who, on a larger scale, tend to install the latest version. Unfortunately, in the 12th version there are many mistakes and bugs, which do not allow you to easily make characters and make a cartoon correctly, -files crash on any moment and refuse to work. Therefore, today the best version of the program is likely to be Anime Studio 10 or 11. I personally work with Anime Studio Pro 11.2, which I recommend you to download and install.

Where to download program Anime Studio Pro 11 moho 12 for free without viruses

About me: Aleksandr Ptichkin | (Мульт Уроки)

The developer and founder of video lessons in Russian language of animations in the program Anime Studio Pro (Moho Pro) in Russia, author of more than 400 video lessons in working with ASP and related to animation, the founder of a portal for creative people from all over the world

Hi. My name is Aleksander Ptichkin, I am the owner of a huge internet teaching project in animations in Russia and all around the world. This project is devoted to the training of making animations and cartoons in the program Anime Studio Pro (Moho Pro). Year by year there are more and more people who want to learn to make animations. And, to attract that constantly growing audition, I created a project which I called It is 99% free and available 24/7. You can find here more than 400 free lessons in different languages for the work with Anime Studio Pro (Moho), and also, in related programs of 3D modeling (Autodesk Maya) and video editing (Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro). Do you still have any questions? You can connect with me through PM on my website.

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Which cartoons are now being created on Anime Studio Pro 11 (Moho Pro)?

In this article I will tell you which cartoons are now being created on the program Anime Studio Pro 11 (Moho Pro), what is equal and why only Adobe Flash is talked about?

Now days almost every animated series that you see on YouTube and TV, are made with the program Anime Studio Pro 10, and some of them are completely switched to Anime Studio Pro 10, because of the simplicity and speed of working. Now I am listing just a few of the most known animated series, made on ASP:

- Children's animated series “Flying Animals”, made on the studio of animatio “Yes”;
- Animation film “Song of the Sea” from the creators of “Secret of Kells”;
- "Cyanide & Happiness" (Цианид и счастье);
- “Cartoon of the Can" (Мульт Консервы);
- Almost all the children's animated educational films on YouTube.

You will learn about why is only Adobe Flash program known from the section down below.

what cartoons are made in anime studio pro 11 moho pro 12
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Which program is better: Anime Studio Pro (Moho), Adobe Flash, ToonBoom and Adobe Animate? What should a beginner choose? Where is it better to work?

What is better: Anime Studio Pro 11, Moho Pro 12, Adobe Flash, ToonBoom or Adobe Animate, in which program is it easier to work, what is better for a beginner to choose, I will discuss everything in this article.

People will argue for a long time about which program is better: Anime Studio Pro (Moho Pro), Flash, ToonBoom or Animate. And, even though the arguments on this topic will never subside, I will try to explain everything in detail and dispel the myth that all the cartoons are made only in Adobe flash. Let’s go!

Why is just Adobe flash widely known?

Why is just Adobe flash widely known? It’s because of the fact, that Adobe Flash was the first animated educational program and initially intended to create interactive flash games and flash banners for sites. Adobe Flash was prospering, while other websites were supporting the technology of flash. However, this technology has two disadvantages: there were some viruses being transmitted through flash, and flash animation was too heavy. I think nobody would want to go on websites, which download very slowly and infect the computer with viruses. And because the process doesn't stand in one place, with time html format was developed, in which it is possible to create games and animation for browsers. It was safe (usual javascript, that did not transmit viruses) and weighted two times less than the flash banners. Nearly in 2014 the biggest companies, such as Google quitted the support of flash in their browsers. Technology of flash has been abandoned. Even the developers of flash (company Adobe) officially admitted that they stop the development of the program. 

Economical constituent

The Flash program is hard enough, and, unlike Anime Studio Pro, it is almost impossible to create a character and especially an animation in an hour. You can do nothing here without trainings! All this time of the existence of the program Flash, there were millions of paid tutorials, courses and educational materials written by it. Much money was invested in the popularization of that program, education for the staff of governmental organizations of its main aspects, installation on school computers, etc. Obviously, nobody now wants to lose money. Trying to break out the investments, people start to hide the truth: there are programs, in which it is possible to make an animation in a faster and easier way,- and continue to host paid courses in flash, popularizing that technology ( but only in words, since cartoons are no longer made), by the time Anime Studio Pro can be studied from my lessons in 2-3 days, without investing money, and, yet within an hour you will be able to make your bone character.

Disinformation as a method of getting rid of competitors

By the time others draw animations for months in Adobe flash, they quietly, quickly and without any expense release new series. I have been in a computer class of one of the libraries (that was in March 2018) where new children’s courses of animation in Flash were being held. It is terribly offensive, that children had to suffer because of that informational spam, who, as a result, could never learn about more convenient programs of animation. 

What is Adobe Animate? Where did it come from? 

How is it better to reload (do rebranding) a dying program without losing market and clients? Of course, changing the name, and launching a supposedly new product based on the old program. The same thing was done by the company Adobe, which renamed Adobe Flash into Adobe Animate. But the time has already passed – by this time there were new emerging professional programs of 2d animation in the market.

New programs in the market of 2d animation

Yes, the company Adobe tried to target the 2d animation market with the program Animate, but it was too late already, after all, the market has come up with 2 excellent programs. One of them – Anime Studio Pro (Moho Pro), in which it is much faster and easier to work due to layering bones in raster/ vector characters and animation using those bones (like in 3D). The other program – ToonBoom is made for creating drawn animations.

So, great: Anime Studio Pro (Moho Pro), ToonBoom or Flash?

These programs are impossible to compare. Each one of them is accomplishing its functions, which are processed by the developers. If you want to draw every single frame separately and create a drawn cartoon, ToonBoom works for you. Stylization of the cartoon supposes the creation of bone characters and quick bone animations – there is Anime Studio Pro at your disposal.

Which program should a beginner start to study animation with?

Of course, with Anime Studio Pro. The point is that here we put the character into key phases at the expense of bones, and the middle frames are drawn by the program separately. But since the beginner is not acquainted with the rules of animation yet, he may make mistakes in the phase of movement. If an animation is made with bones, replacing the keys and correcting the phase will be very easy (it’ll take 5 seconds); but if you have drown 10 frames and in the 11th you understood that it's not the right phase, and the speed of animation is also wrong, then you should delete all the 10 frames and start from the beginning. In that case the setup for such a hard animation may not be enough… But when a beginner, using the program Anime Pro learns to bring the character into the desired phase from the first time with the required timing and spacing, then he is able to easily switch to drawn animations in the program ToonBoom. It is, at least, worth trying, because the drawn animation is stylistically different from the bone overlay, and it is possible to draw much more details in it.
how to work in anime studio pro 11 moho pro 12 sample animation

Which video is it better to start learning my animation videos in the program Anime Studio Pro 11 (Moho Pro) from?

Don’t be afraid of a huge number of my lessons. It doesn’t mean that my program is very hard; it means that I developed every single detail to teach you the rules of animation based on the program Anime Studio Pro. Now you can use this knowledge in any field and use it when working in any animation or video editing program.

Start learning from this first basic lesson. In it, we are going all the way from the program’s opening, learning all the instruments panels, settings, creation of characters (ball) and high-quality animation on the authority of all the rules of final editing in a ready video with sound in mp4 format. 

full review of anime studio pro 11 moho pro 12 from scratch
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How to create a bone characters in Anime Studio Pro (Moho Pro) program?

The main part of work in the program Anime Studio Pro is the bones. Overlaying them through characters, which can be both raster and vector in Anime Studio Pro, you will start to quickly control the characters, like marionettes (pulling the bones like strings). Which character to create, raster or vector, you choose yourself, considering the stylization of the future animation. 
anime studio pro 11 moho 12 How to make a bone character laying bones

Creation of the vector bone characters in Anime Studio Pro 10/11 (Moho Pro 12)

In this basic lesson of creating characters I am telling how the bone characters are made in the program Anime Studio Pro 11 (Moho Pro). We overlay bones, bind them with a body part, and create controllers for character control that are responsible for the eye mimic and the switching of the phases of mouths. 
In the end of the lesson we create the first animation with this character – animation of gait. As a matter of fact, the footstep of the character turns due to active Actions, you can read about just below. 

Watch the tutorial 

character creation switches anime studio pro 11 moho pro 12

The creation of raster boneless characters in Anime Studio Pro 10/11 (Moho 12)

The basic animation of characters in the program Anime Studio Pro (Moho Pro) can be built not only due to bones, but also due to the change of pre- prepared phases of movement of the character over the “switch” layer. In this lesson I am telling how characters like this are created and how to animate them, doing that on the example of a flying character, the animation of the wings of which are made through the switch layer. 

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anime studio pro 11 moho 12 minecraft creating 3d bone characters

Creation of 3D bone characters in Anime Studio Pro (Moho) 

Even though, the program Anime Studio Pro 11 (Moho) is created for 2D animation, you may also create simple 3D characters in it. In this lesson I am telling how the 3D characters are created, how the bones are being overlaid in them and adjusted to the level of the depth of space on the example of characters form the computer game Minecraft. Each of my lessons ends with doing animation with the resulting character. This video didn’t become an exception – in the end we are creating the animation of gait. 

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Actions and Smart Bone. The Adjustments of bone characters through smart bones

Before animating a character in Anime Studio Pro 11 (Moho Pro), it is necessary to properly set it up, which means to tell the program how he must move, what it should be capable of, and which actions it should take. For these purposes there are some Actions in this program, which are written on the bones. In my time I came up with names for them: active and passive.
Actions smart bone anime studio pro 11 moho 12 character customization creature

Programming passive actions on bones in Anime Studio Pro 10/11 (Moho Pro 12)

Passive Actions- these are actions, which are made constantly by default and without our control.
For instance, a character must properly bend an arm or leg. We set up this action only once, and from now on, when your character will move his arm or leg through the bone, it will always do that properly. 
Thus, we will not need to correct something every time in this animation – the program will monitor the proper performance of the exact scenario itself. By the way, a similar setting is performed in the program Autodesk Maya. 

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anime studio pro 11 moho pro 12 Actions smart bone character tutorials

Writing down Actions on the bones in Anime Studio Pro 10/11 (Moho Pro 12)

Active Actions are programmed beforehand, ready-made actions in the character, which it can perform. Let’s imagine that your character blinks, spins a foot and performs a complex turn of the head. In fact, he always does it the same way. So why should we make this animation every time manually? We can record this current action once on Smart Bone and then animate it for that bone, thus, perfectly setting up the timing and spacing. In Actions it is possible to record everything which the program puts the keys of animation on. 

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Actions timeline smart bone character anime studio pro 11 moho pro 12

The actions with the transfer to the Timeline in Anime Studio Pro 10/11 (Moho Pro 12) 

But these are not all the ways of acceleration of animation in the Anime Studio Pro (Moho Pro) program. 
These are more Actions with the transfer to the Timeline. It means we may even not touch the bones – it is enough to program all the actions in advance, write them down into the program's memory and after, as necessary, to call. Thus, Anime Studio Pro 11 (Moho Pro) can be considered as the leader on the market of 2d animation in the sphere of speeding up the creation of animation without losing quality. 

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Lipsing mouth animation anime studio pro 11 moho pro 12 how to make the character speak

Lisping and animation of the mouth of the character on Actions in Anime Studio Pro 10/11 (Moho 12) 

To speed up the creation of animations on smart bones and Actions you can also build a lisping of a character.
Each position of the bone can be given its own phase of the mouth of the character, which are pre- assembled in a layer of switch. As a result, there is no necessity to sort out the folders and look for the needed phases of mouth for a long time – we have everything in front of our eyes. It is enough to rotate the bone and our character will start to talk.

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Animating a character’s walking at Anime Studio Pro 10/11 (Moho 12). Is that so hard?

The thing is, a human’s walk is very much clear to our brain, since we see the walking, strolling, hurrying, running and roaming people everywhere and every day. Through the walk we can identify a person’s age, emotions, mood, health, and so on. However there’s nothing difficult in creating a walk, as I have a few great tutorials on how to animate a walking person and also the scripts which make working on this kind of animating easier.

how to make anime studio pro 11 moho pro 12 gait animation

Creating a walking animation for a skeleton character

In this tutorial on an example of the actual character I show how to animate a process of walking, how to bind a character to the ground so he does not slip through it, what bones to engage in key phases with the program Anime Studio Pro 11 (Moho).

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scripts improved gait inverse kinematic character anime studio pro 11 moho 12

A script to speed up a creating of walking in Anime Studio Pro (Moho)

To make it easier for you to create an animation I wrote a special script. You don’t need to move a character’s body now – it moves automatically when a leg moves. And same with the arms: you don’t need to move a body separately anymore, now when character reaches for something the entire body follows a hand. Thus you can create a quality animation without wasting much time.

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12 principles of animation gait walking run anime studio pro 11 moho

Laws of animating: principles of walking creation

Before getting your hands on animating of walking, you need to know of what key phases do this action consist, in which order you should work out the phases of creating a walk, in what pace should you make an animation, and so on. This information you may pick up from my theory lesson on principles and laws of animating.

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Theory: 12 laws and principles of animating a character

Creating any possible animation can’t happen without knowledge of its laws. Apart from purely practical tutorials I have the videos where I do narration about principles of animating. Later we utilize this theoretical knowledge in practice during the working at Anime Studio Pro 11 (Moho).
12 laws of the principles of animation timing timing animation lessons training courses

Basic law of animating: Timing and Spacing

No object in the world moves evenly – in every motion you may notice acceleration and deceleration. In animating we make neat motion through Timing and Spacing. Thereby our animation becomes more live and more dynamic. Following this law of animating we can let a viewer know the physics and dynamics of an object: tell if he’s light or heavy, elastic or soft, made of stone or glass, at cetera.

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laws principles animation compression stretching stretch squash animation lessons learning

Laws of animating: Stretch and Squash

Stretch and Squash serve to make your animation even more live and dynamic. That’s all right if you do not use Stretch and Squash in your movie, nevertheless by using it even once you won’t be able to reject it in future, as your work in the end will look much more interesting. Stretch and Squash as well may point out the material of object: for example rubber ball may squash after the hit, stone won’t.

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12 principles of animation pre-action action aftereffect

Principles of animating: Pre-action and Aftereffect

In real life we don’t even notice that every our move starts with Pre-action and ends with Aftereffect. But in movies you have to show these, otherwise the animation goes boring. Pre-actions and Aftereffects are used in animating to anticipate and finish any motion. For example, this gif shows us, that before a man gets up the chair he leans backwards and then he moves forwards and gets up.

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Your own scripts for Anime Studio Pro 10/11 (Moho 12)

Scripts speed up one or another work at the program, let you make it neat and quick, and also performs actions that you simply can’t perform manually. I have been practicing developing game scripts for 10 years now, and scripts for Anime Studio Pro – for over 6 years. There are a lot of ready decisions in the sphere of speeding up the creating of animating at Anime Studio Pro 11 (Moho Pro) on my account.
scripts for anime studio pro 11 moho 12 alexander ptichkin mult-uroki download

Script for speeding up a head spin at Anime Studio Pro (Moho)

Nobody wants to do the same animation over and over again, especially if you have to do it many times without any changing in it. Sometimes you have to waste days or even weeks to complete a particular animation. Because of these reasons we’re forced to write the scripts that speed up the process, ‘cause time’s money. Now I present to you a script that helps you make such important part of animating like spinning of the head in all directions easier.

All of my courses and scripts

script improved gait character anime studio pro 11 moho pro 12

Script for speeding up an animating of walking and moving character at Anime Studio Pro

You have already been introduced to this one in the chapter «Creating of walking». I think you’ve noticed already how quick and easy it is to animate a character at Anime Studio Pro using scripts. You can pick up all of my courses and developments through the link below. You can as well order a special rigging of your own characters and connecting scripts to them.

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Russifier for Anime Studio Pro 10, 11 (Moho Pro 12)

English is a basic language at Anime Studio Pro 10, 11 (Moho Pro 12). To let the beginners understand the program better and start animating for the first time, I created a russifier for it.
Dual Russifier for Anime Studio Pro 11 Moho 12 Aleksandr ptichkin mult-uroki Download

Russification of Anime Studio Pro 10, 11 (Moho Pro 12)

The prominent feature of my russifier is that I kept English during my translation. That’s why Russian-speakers can easily navigate themselves after watching videos in English. There’s one more advantage in it: it’ not a machine translation. I adapted the whole text on the ground of my experience in working at this program. I translated the name of each button and panel according to functions they represent.

Know more about the development

Editing and voicing of the movie. What program to gather your movie together with?

No movie creating can exist without editing, laying effects and voicing. There’s specific soft for these purposes. For example Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Two of these programs manage those mentioned goals pretty good. Through my tutorials you may learn how to edit movies and videos at programs adjacent to animating: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas. What program is the best choice then?
what program do they assemble the cartoons Adobe After Effects Premiere Pro Sony Vegas

What’s best: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas?

If you need special effects and masks – edit at Adobe After Effects. Nevertheless you can’t voice with comfort there. That’s why after you laid on the effects (if you did so), transfer it to Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas. These programs are equal, thus you can choose the once you personally like more.

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Individual training, private lessons and courses of animating by Alexander Ptichkin

- Have you been dreaming of making movies and animation at Anime Studio Pro (Moho Pro) for a long time?
- Do you seek to learn how to edit clips and process videos at Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro?
- Do you want to avoid wasting time on studying my numerous free tutorials on Youtube and finish your first movie as soon as possible?
- Do you simply wanna talk to me, get some advice, recommendations, at cetera?

Sign up for private lessons then. They are held in Skype with my computer’s screen demo on stipulated time that is comfortable for you. After the lesson I give you the recording to let you easily recall what you learned. That’s why you don’t need to write something down during the lesson, and that’s why your immersion into animating gets bigger.

I as well arrange master-class events of «manual transfer» animating technique for children.

My pupils and I in the training centre

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